Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Subic Mamaraz

This weekend we’ll be going to Subic to cheer our friend Marisse. She’s competing in the Slimmers World Bikini Bodies 2005. Insiders say she has a chance, so we’re there to provide pala. Plus I was the one who picked out the music she’ll use for the one-minute freestyle posing portion of the contest. I suggested Lady Marmalade (Thunderpuss remix). The song is familiar to all but since it is relatively old, the chances of the other contestants choosing it are slim. What’s more she’s using the remixed version, which makes the chances even, pardon the pun, slimmer. I’m dying to see how the choice of song will go down on the crowd. Familiarity with the song can add excitement and affinity to the one dancing. Plus because it’s unlikely anyone else will be using it, it’ll help make her stand out.

I’m also excited to stay overnight in Subic. I have very fond memories of the place. Back when I decided to leave the rat race and be a theater artist, I joined many productions with my college theater company and we went on several tours in Subic. That’s why I’m still very familiar with the place. Of course, the last time I was there I found out there were more restaurants now open—including the all-important Yellow Cab. Now I can have my fix of roasted garlic and shrimp pizza while we’re there. Before our food choices were limited to Meat-Plus, Fishcado and Wimpy Burger. Now there’s also Dencio’s, Pancake House, and a whole lot more.

In one memorable tour, we stayed overnight at a beach. Some of us wanted to skinny-dip, but unfortunately our host was with us. Since we wanted to be invited again and again, we decided to put on a clean, wholesome image… until he took a nap. Off came our trunks and bathing suits.

Another time, we were invited to go to a bar outside the base after our last performance. We were invited by the local college kids who acted as ushers during the performances. The bar turned out to be a huge place that alternated live bands with karaoke singing and disco-dancing. Eh mga taga-teatro kami, noh? So when it was the karaoke portion, the singers in our group monopolized the microphone. But the crowd didn’t mind, because we had good singers—they even cheered when one of our gay actors sang a girl’s song, complete with falsetto. When they played dance music, we monopolized the dance floor by “performing” for the crowd. And when a local band started singing, we weren’t contented to just stay on the floor dancing; one of us climbed onstage and sang along with the band. Later on they allowed him to sing lead in a rap tune! (The guy is now a bass player in a local band.)

It was also during those tours that members coupled and uncoupled in the space of a weekend. Just recently I learned that in one of our tours, a straight couple (guy and girl) shared a room with a gay couple—and on separate beds they had sex that night. Well, at least they claim there was no crisscrossing of beds. So they say.

This weekend I’ll be with some of them, although they’ve all graduated and are now busy trying to earn a living. They’re all a little older, maybe a little wiser. I doubt we’ll be as wild as we were years ago; besides, the more adventurous ones won’t be with us. But who knows, we might just try to get some naughty fun this weekend.